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B&B houseboat Ms. Luctor

Fantastc bicycles with
	 advanced solar powered LED light system

We have two sturdy VAN MOOF design bikes for you, free of charge.

No more loosely hanging cables! No more rusty dynamos dangling in your spokes! No more lights stolen off your bike! The secret lays in what’s NOT there.
The VANMOOF has a striking aluminium rust-free frame, with a highly advanced solar powered LED light system built inside its tubes. These LEDs are not only solar powered, but can also be charged through the micro USB cable on your phone. The coaster brake is great for the city; unbreakable, light and safe. The thick wide wheels make riding on and off pavements and obstacles go problem free.
The ultimate Amsterdam commuter tool.

bridge prinseneiland
The prinseneiland in the canal district is great for walking or biking..
prinseneiland bridge
All musea are within close range, on foot (Anne Frank) or lilke the rijksmuseum, with the bikes... rijksmuseum
van gogh museum, click to enlarge
Van Gogh Museum with a large collection of his paintings...