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Boattrips with an Amsterdam Fisherman

Hop on, hop of across your doorstep.

There is occasionably the possibility to join Piet during the season as he leaves in the morning, to put down his fish pots and emptying them. He is not just catching fish, but also monitoring for the authorities the variation and quantity of all the different fish-species. He will give you an rare and unforgettable experience of Amsterdam, seen from the waterfront. PIET has has been a fisherman his whole life and has noumerous annecdotes about all the buidings, old shipyards and bridges you'll pass. A treat for those interested in nature, marine life, or maritime history. And being completely away from the main touristic routes, it proves quite relaxing: "PIET" has special permits to venture into waters that are forbidden territory for the general public.
Venture into dutch waters
The maximum number of passengers is 4, and the trip will last for about 4 to 5 hours. Take warm clothing with you, it's an open boat and on open water it can get quite chilly. There is no toilet on board!


The price starts from: € 75,- per person, depending on the number of passengers and duration. This includes sandwiches and the coffee/tea.

harbour with forbidden entry
You are seeing parts of the port normally inaccessable for the general public!

piet fishing
A real fisherman in action...
The excursion is unforgettable.

port of amsterdam